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O SOLE TRIO 2018 dates


22nd June 2018: REDLANDS BOWL, CA

13th July 2018: VINEGAR HILL, ME

15th September 2018: HIGHLANDS, NC

22nd September 2018: MOORSVILLE, NC

29th September 2018: PITTSBURGH, KS

17th October 2018: SANDUSKY, OH

19th October 2018: MYRTLE BEACH, SC

21st October 2018: CHICAGO, IL

3rd November 2018: JASPER, IN

9th November 2018: BOCA GRANDE, FL

12th December 2018: CHICAGO, IL


O SOLE TRIO 2019 dates


31st January 2019: WILLCOX, AZ

1st February 2019: TUBAC, AZ (TBC)


6th February 2019: LOS ANGELES, CA (TBC)

7th-9th February 2019: LAS VEGAS, NV (Dates TBC)

17th -23rd March 2019: GOLD CANYON, AZ

1st – 16th April 2019: MONTANA TOUR

25th April – 3rd May 2019: LOUISIANA TOUR

10th May 2019: OELWEIN, IA

O SOLE TRIO 2020 dates

25th January 2020: LANSDALE, PA

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